Life is beautiful. Life is a gift. Fivethingsfree.com is a personal way for me to share that gift with others around the world. It is about the little gifts we receive each day, the (sometimes) purely “free” things, whether it be a hug from a dear friend, a smile from a stranger, or a walk to a special place. Every logoday that we wake up we are faced with mystery. There is¬†always be that question of “what will happen next?”. With that being said, we also don’t know how many “free” things we will receive. But if we keep our eyes wide open, always vigilant, there will probably be more than we can count. Every chance that I get, I’m going to share just five. And with a theme of five you can’t go wrong! There will be features, recipes, videos, and all kinds of fun stuff so…stay tuned.

If you would like to be featured on Five Things, are looking for inspiration, or just want to chat, please shoot me an email at fivethingsfree@gmail.com.