5 things a “facebookless” life has taught me

No, I do not hate Facebook. In fact, I think it is an amazing way for people to not only connect with those close to them, but also those who are not so close; people from all around the world. It’s a beautiful thing. But for me it can also be noisy. I love people and I love connecting with people but I love genuinely connecting with people and sometimes I feel like Facebook negates that task. So I am on a break with Facebook and we haven’t decided when we’ll be back together.

1. Life is quieter without excess amounts of social media

Do not get me wrong. Taking away one form of social media always seems to add another. I am still on Instagram, though my activity has slowed down tremendously. Well, it’s at a stand still basically but I still find myself desiring to be “entertained”. I find myself browsing through YouTube more. I mean “molten copper being poured on things” videos people. But despite that, life is much quieter without Facebook. I can focus on my ‘facetime’ relationships, the live ones, and love the people right in front of me more. My life seems to be less of a popularity contest and more of me enjoying and embracing whatever comes. It has been sweet.

2. I get to focus on my “real-life” relationships

I think I had quite a few friends on Facebook. And on any given day I talked to a lot of people. But now I find myself being thankful for the relationships I have outside of Facebook. I am getting to know the people around me in a more realistic way instead of browsing through their profile. Of course this proves more difficult but day by day I’m leaning to cope.

Enjoying the "facetime"

3. Facebook is IMPORTANT
In today’s society, in most every culture, Facebook is important. It is important for birthdays and big news. One of my closest friends in Albania got engaged! And I found out almost ten days later! It’s quite sad. But this is the risk I face (haha) by not being active on Facebook at the moment. Phone calls are also still very real things. I think I’m going backwards and yet I’m typing this on a smartphone; the beautiful paradox that is 2017.

4. When you don’t have Facebook your dinner technology time is different
So you know that time at dinner or lunch or even breakfast when everyone takes their phones out and starts fiddling around on them (I think it’s millennial thing)? If you are not aware of that time, think of it as “shared technological bonding”. EVERYONE’S scrolling through Facebook at this time honey and if you are not you’ve been left behind. I’ve been left behind. During that shared technology time I found myself reading the Bible using the Bible app on my phone. This is real life. Obviously, in a way it is not the worse thing. I used to read during that time even when I had Facebook. I have even opted for bringing physical books to dinner only to be scolded by friends for not being present (which, by the way, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)

5. Dun dun du-daaaahhhhh: you have to find other creative ways to share
Despite not having Facebook, I am a blogger now. And because I do not have Facebook perhaps this blog won’t get the exposure it would if I did have Facebook. No matter though. I blog because I like it, not because I want to be famous. With that being said, you have to find other creative ways to share. For example, my people, (refer here: https://fivethingsfree.com/2017/01/29/god-sets-the-lonely-in-families/ ) sent me a link to like a Facebook page for them so that they could win a contest. You can go like it here: Drita e dijes Facebook page (like it for me people because I can’t). Each class in the school did a project and my friends were a part of the 7th grade project so that is the one you should like because I think it’s one of those the more likes wins things. I think they’ll win but they need your help. Their cause is blood donation and lack of blood in blood banks here in Albania. It is a real and heart-wrenching issue and they addressed it. I honestly couldn’t be more proud of them. Check out the video for their cause below and keep little Megi in your thoughts and prayers!

until next time…

2 thoughts on “5 things a “facebookless” life has taught me

  1. The video made me want to cry, I never had to think about other countries struggling for blood or just not being able to get something they need medical that way. It was a wake up call and continually pray for these other countries. Thanks you for sharing that with is and showing awareness is an issue many of us overlook because it is different in America.


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